Brittanee B.
The food is incredible and the best southern food I've had since living in Perry. The ribs were fall off the bone. The okra was perfectly cooked. The pork chop Sammy had great flavor. I'm so happy this place is right down the street! Some may say the prices are a bit steep. I don't think so, without being an industrial restaurant, these prices are to be expected. I thought the portion sizes are perfect.
UNBELIEVABLE!! I normally would take my son a sample of good food but not this time. It was that good I had to finish it off. Ribs, collard greens, cabbage, corn bread, BBQ sauce, which u don't need the ribs are that good but it's a bonus). I pray the owner and his team success. Thank you for serving quality food and kind service.... Meal type Lunch Price per person $10–20
juicey ladii 911
Glad we came across Fat Shawn's! Food was seasoned nice & was tasty. My husband had a dream bout those shrimp where he thought he had a few leftover...No you ate them all in the car😁 They have plenty options on the menu to choose from. Meal type Lunch Price per person $20–30 Service: 5
Lawrence Kagawa
Holy moly this is good food. Don't even think about going to the Waffle House next door! Ask for the head chef. This is definitely the next chain restaurant. Food: 5 Service: 5 Atmosphere: 5
vic c
Had there food yesterday if I could give more than 5 stars I would. Food is nicely seasoned there bbq sauce is good. The pork chop and fried ribs were immaculate. The pink lemonade I thought was going to be like a Minute Maid but no it’s made from scratch with flavor I will be back soon😁 …
Jessica Burbank
As sooooon as I get out of Facebook jail I am cussing everyone out. For not more people telling me about this place. Y'all... It's good. It's so good my daughter ate all her collards and mine. I mean you can see the flavor on the ribs. The other day I got fried chops... Hands down the best. And don't even get me started on the sweet potato pie. I know one thing... All my friends in Perry owe me an apology for not telling me about this place sooner. A+++ I'm not close to home so I have been missing the real grandma home cooked soul food... But this place hands down will bring that comfort into your soul. Go, try it. You won't be disappointed. ❤️❤️
Im trying to figure out who grandma they have hiding in the cut cooking that food. Bc I’ll personally rub bengay on her joints to make sure she keep her balance sticking her foot in this food! I was referred from my friend and I’m so glad. This was so good! Will be back! Thank you!
Jennifer Taylor
The customer service is great. This place has some of the most amazing ribs.! && their sauce is to die for.!! I would highly recommend anyone in the area or surrounding areas to stop by.